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We love having guests
- and do our very best to ensure you a pleasent stay.

The Ribe Byferie Foundation.
The foundation is a non-profit organization with a locally rooted board of directors. The purpose of the foundation is to operate, maintain and upgrade the holiday centre.
Every year, holiday stays are donated to families with children affected by illness, in collaboration with the country's hospitals. Also the foundation supports a number of cultural and sporting events.

A good team
We take care of our staff. All employees are offered courses, in order to develop and improve their skills. We focus on ergonomics and the working environment, provided thorough training of new employees. We have a permanent staff of craftsmen, cleaning staff and administrative staff. Everyone has flexible working hours, so work and private life can coexist.

Environment and climate
With 94 apartments and communal facilities, we naturally use a lot of electricity. We therefore have LED bulbs everywhere and choose appliances with a focus on energy labeling.
Our heat supply comes from 80% renewable energy.
Our intelligent booking system switches off all lights in the accommodation and lowers the heat, when a guest are checking out. Befoe new guests are arriving, the heating starts automatically to secure the right room temperature on the day of arrival.
We have waste sorting and all guests can help by sorting their waste.
Our sauna and whirlpools are, like our apartments, managed intelligently in relation to use.

Electric cars
All our cars are electrisc. We offer our guests charging stations located in our parking area.

Green cleaning
Our cleaning system does not require the use of cleaning agents apart from limescale remover and disinfectants. We use special microfiber cloths, which have been proven to remove bacteria. The system is also used at Skejby Hospital.

We are in favor of recycling
When furniture or other equipment needs replacing, but is still too good to throw away, we give it away. The furniture thus gets new life for the benefit and joy of others.
We also take care of what we have, maintaining our buildings and inventory. It protects the environment when things last a long time.

-We love having guests.

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Ribe Byferie Resort

Holiday apartments and Hotel apartments in the heart of beautiful, old Ribe. We offer stays with and without meals. We maintain a high standard inside and out and we love having guests. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Ribe Byferie Resort
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