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Ribe - Danmarks oldest town

This beautiful town was founded in c. 700 A.D. and each year it attracts visitors from near and far. Ribe has a very well preserved medieval town centre with many beautiful buildings and fascinating sights, such as Ribe Cathedral, which is one of Europe’s top attractions according to the Michelin Guide, Museet Ribes Vikinger, Ribe VikingeCenter and Ribe Kunstmuseum (art museum). Ribe is also a thriving commercial centre with lots of speciality shops.  

Follow the night watchman, every night during the summer months when he walks his traditional round through the ancient streets. Listen to him singing the watchman song and to his tale about the town’s dramatic story and the many sights on the way. The tour is free of charge.

Ribe Cathedral

The Cathedral of Ribe has always been the grandiose landmark of the town. Consider it a challenge to walk the 248 stairs in the 52 m high Civil Tower. From here you get a magnificent view of the red roofs, the marshland to the west and the low meadows to the east. It was the painter Carl-Henning Pedersen who during the eighties decorated the church with glass mosaic.

Denmarks oldest town hall

The Old Town Hall is the oldest existing town hall in Denmark. Part of the inventory is a complete selection of vassals and prefects from the sixteen hundreds till this day. In the debtors’ prison there is a small museum with the spiked mace, the executioner’s sword etc.

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